Problem: Imaging c module not installed?

I recently tried using CP 2.0 for the first time and I got this error message when I execute the pipeline. It says ‘Imaging c module not installed’. I attached the error message in this post. Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestion? Thanks!

Hi Amos and everyone!
Any luck finding a solution to your problem? I would be very interested in having some clues because I encounter the exact same problem!
Thank you!

Hi all,

If you set the bit depth to 16-bit, does the error still occur?


Hi Mark,
I’m sorry, I don’t know how to change the bit depth in Cell Profiler…
If it can help, I’m unsuccessful loading .jpg images, using a pipeline for counting gH2AX foci found on this forum.
Thank you for your help!
gH2AX foci.cp (9.69 KB)

Sorry, I should have been more clear. In SaveImages, if you are saving as TIF or TIFF, under the “Image bit depth” setting, you can change the bit depth there.

Alternately, you can change the image format to something else in SaveImages. PNG is another good choice.

Thank you, but the SaveImage module is not even in my pipeline (see pipeline above). The pipeline error message (Error while processing LoadImages: the _imaging C module is not installed. Do you want to stop processing?) occur at the very begining of the analysis, and the images are just not loaded. I hope it can help you figure out something…
I am looking forward for your answer!

Hi Melina,
Would you mind posting a sample set of images that are producing this error?

You are not going to believe me! I just figured out that the problem occurs when the images are loaded from the hard drive (independantly of the image set)?! When I use a USB flashdrive, I can load and analyse the images without any problems! This is… well… surprising!
So it seems that I can finally perform my analysis! If you have any explanations, I would be curious…
Anyways, thank you very much for your time!

Just to confirm: Using CellProfiler to analyze the images from the hard drive produces the error, while using the same pipeline to analyze the same images from the USB drive does not?

I don’t believe it myself, but it is true in my case?!

We were experiencing this problem with the trunk build for the Mac. One of the libraries we use (PIL) was loading (a JPEG decoding library) from /usr/local/lib instead of using the one packaged in the .dmg. We’ve corrected this problem in the trunk build which is available at

I’m reasonably certain this will fix the problem. This is a trunk build, though, so some features of CellProfiler have changed.

This issue has been resolved in CellProfiler 2.1 and later, new releases of which can now be downloaded from