PROBLEM: Data looks different if I process 20/60 images than if 60/60 (NOW SOLVED)

I seem to get regular spikes in intensity when I process 60/60 images (all with 3000 objects approx)
but the spikes disappear if I only run 20/60 images
I’ve checked in fiji and the images shouldn’t have those regular spikes
Attached is a picture

How can this glitch be solved and what is the source?

Many thanks,

We need a bit more information to help you…

How do your images look like?
What do you mean by image processing?
What does is the analysis show exactly?
So if you analyse the next 2 other 20 image batch there are no spikes?

I noticed that fiji was labeling the timelapse t=0 instead of t=00 which made Cellprofiler move t=2 next to t=20 making regular spikes as the same error happened over and over again.
I used a macro to relabel all the files, and now the spikes are gone

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