Problem and solution with the bioformats-exporter .ics converting to the huygenspro deconvulotion program

To deconvulote my confocal pictures I usually use the Huygenspro deconvulotion program, what can only handle specific formats. Till now I converted them to .ics using the BioFormats-Exporter Plugin, but now I can’t open the newly converted images.

  • earlier converted pictures (before FiJi update) works fine
  • the program can’t open now converted pictures (the same as the upper)
  • the problem occurs in windows 10 and in linux too
  • some other programs can, some can’t open the files (like icy can, but nikon element viewer can’t)

To overcome the problem now we convert the pictures to .tiff format and the huygenspro works with that perfectly.
But there’s an error in the Bio-Format Exporter PlugIn.

@tothbogi99: thanks for reporting this issue. Below a few questions to help us construct a minimal example allowing to reproduce the problem:

  • do you have an example input file that used to work prior to the update and now fails?
  • is there an error message in the deconvolution software or any software that fails to open the converted .ics files indicating the error?
  • I suppose you have upgraded your Fiji distribution to the latest version of Bio-Formats. Do remember which version of the Bio-Formats Exporter used to work?