Printing a large image to tiled A4

Hi all,

I have a bit of a weird one.

To go over some large images with my supervisor in a meeting, I’d like to split and print a large file to 4x3 A4 pages (12 pages) then tape them together.

I know this is a little odd but it’ll make the process of discussing these images in a group a lot easier.

If it’s not possible I’ll book an auditorium with a large projection space but I’d rather the print solution as we can mark the pages.

Does anyone know an easy way of doing this with FIJI/ImageJ?

The function
Image>Stack>Tools>Montage To Stack…
can be sued to split an image into NxM subimages.
Check if this will do the job for you.

Otherwise check standard ImageEditor software.
Even Windows Paint (Win 7) can be used:

Ah yeah, good idea.

I’ll try those, thanks.