Primary object



Numbers identify primary objects in the measurement report. Is it possible to get a figure showing primary objects with their number, to rapidly identify them?
thanks a lot



I’m not associated with the CP project at all, but to do that in the past I’ve used the ShowDataOnImage data tool on an individual image post-processing, though that is unfortunately not working in the current compiled release (see ShowDataOnImage fails for a workaround).

I don’t think there’s currently a way to automatically generate a labeled output image for each your input images without rolling your own module for it – you might be able to swing something with the DisplayDataOnImage module but saving its output doesn’t really work.



Hi jmarc,

No, unfortunately there is no way of plotting the object number on a figure right now, other than writing your own code. Tim is correct that DisplayDataOnImage would be the way to go, but there is no “Object number” category to choose from right now. We recognize the usefulness of this and have put it on our ToDo list here. We are releasing a new Cellprofiler very soon, and although this fix won’t be in this impending release, look for it soon after.