Primary Object Detection: nucleus

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What is the best way to identify nucleus from the image:

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It’s quite a tricky mixture, with nuclei size range from small to large, bright nucleoli, and clumped cells. Until others come to help, I suggest to smooth the image first and identify nuclei with Otsu, as shown in the example pipeline example.cpproj (637.4 KB)

Hope that gives you some start.
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Would you be able to elaborate on how the smoothing helps for the detection please?

I’ve been using Ilastik a lot recently but this image has me wondering how I would deal with the clumping.

The Gaussian filter smoothing with a “disk size” of about 1.5x the size of the bright nucleoli is only meant to drive the objection identification toward detecting bigger objects (which are the desired nuclei) , instead of catching the small nucleoli.
Metaphorically, if I want the segmentation to look for a mountain, instead of looking for the human with bright white hat standing on the top of the mountain, I would first blur the picture a bit, now the human is “dissolved” into the terrain and not catchy anymore.

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Awesome, thanks for your reply!