Preview window right click functionality in mm-2.0.0 gamma

Hello there. I have a question related to the right click functionality of the preview window of MM 2.0.0 gamma. The preview window in the beta version of MM allowed right click with subsequent menu appearing in the same way as it would for ImageJ. In mm-2.0.0 gamma right click menu doesn’t appear anymore. Is this just me or did this functionality disappear from mm-2.0.0 gamma on purpose?

Regretfully, it was impossible for the Micro-Manager programmers to design the software with full ImageJ compatibility. The 2.0 redesign uncoupled MM from ImageJ (although it still uses ImageJ code to do the actual drawing of the image). What functionality are you missing? There is quite a bit available under the Gear icon in the viewer including “Copy to ImageJ”.

Hi Nico,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Appreciate it! Two words on the background of my development. I work on a hybrid pixel detector technology where each pixel in the matrix of the camera has its own functionality (one can alter a threshold or disable pixels in the camera). I developed the hardware for the camera and bundled it with MM by means of the device adapter.

Now back to the problem. In beta version of MM I implemented custom right click menu by adding function calls to StartupMacros.txt. I had an ImageJ plugin functions that were invoked by the appropriate element from the right click menu. The plugin in turn altered device properties in MM based on the selection I had in the preview window. Imagine this scenario. The camera developed a cluster of noisy pixels, I use selection tool from imageJ, draw a square around my noisy pixels in the preview window, then I right click and choose mask noisy pixel from the right click menu. Another scenario: I have multiple noisy pixels scattered around in my camera, I right click on the preview window and choose “mask all pixels that count more than XXX counts”, the function attached to that menu element updates device properties in MM.

What I essential looking for is a solution where I can have a right menu in the preview window, commands of which will alter device properties according to the selected region (either through ImageJ or MM plugin (preferred)). I am glad that selection feature still works in the preview window.

I understand that it’s probably beyond current functionality, but I am prepared to put some effort to make it work. Looking for some guidance where to start.


Hi Dima,

That sounds like fun technology! I’ll be certainly happy to incorporate your device adapter in the MM distribution if you so like.

I can see that it would be nice to have a right-click menu in the image Viewer. For now, I would implement your code as a Gear Icon Menu plugin (see for example, the Duplicator plugin code: I can imagine that we would make the Gear Icon menu also available by right clicking on the image, or to have a separate plugin class for plugins that want to appear there. In any case, by writing a Gear Icon Menu plugin, you would be totally ready once we figured out that UI aspect (and opinions what that should look like are very welcome).

Hi Nico, thank you very much for pointing out the duplicator plugin in the gear icon menu as an example. I looked into it and I can see that this would do the job just fine! Also, I am glad I planted an idea of a right click menu (if you haven’t had it already). In addition, moving my masking plugin from ImageJ to MM will also solve the nagging logical inconsistency I had, that the harware related functionality was in ImageJ rather than MM.
Sertainly, once I reached some stability in my development, I would be happy to incorporate it into MM distribution.