Preview disappear from Background Subtraction on FIJI

I noticed that the preview option from background subtraction disappears on FIJI.
Is this a problem with my FIJI or is something related to my version of the software?
I am running FIJI in OSx Mojave.

I hope someone can help me to solve this doubt. Thanks in advance



Perhaps @Wayne knows of this issue? But maybe you can share with us the exact version of Fiji/ImageJ1.x and Java you are using? Just click on the Status Bar of the main Fiji window and you should see it listed there. Here is mine for example:

So I’m running ImageJ1.x version 1.52p and Java 1.8.0_202 (I still have the preview button in my version too).

I have not seen this problem. Try using the Help>Update>ImageJ command to update Fiji to the latest version of ImageJ (1.52v). If that does not fix the problem, try reseting the preferences by using the Edit>Options>Reset command. And if that does not fix the problem, try downloading ImageJ from to see if it has the problem.

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Hey @Pablo_M,

I just want to check that you know, as I’ve made this mistake before, that the Preview option won’t be there if you have the Background Subtraction window open on a Composite image.

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Thanks, I checked and I had the updated version.
However, following other recommendation I

saw that it is not working in the czi composite image, only in single image I have the preview which is strange because before I could see the preview on lsm files. Anyway, I think that works now only in single images. Thank you

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Thanks, I checked that and you are right , I only see the preview on the single image but not when I tried to use it with a czi file with all the channel. It is strange ,though. Before , I am sure that I could use the preview option on a lsm composite file.
But, now seems to work
Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thank you, Wayne.
I checked and I updated my FIJI. I realise that when I use it with a composite czi file , I do not see the preview option, only in single channel image.
Thank you

I had forgotten that the Preview option in filter dialogs does not work with composite color images.


Do you think that it is possible to improve that in the future?

I will look into getting Preview working with composite color images. I was wrong when I said it does not work with stacks. It does, but not with composite color images.