Potential bug in overlay outlines CP2.2.0


There seem to be a bug in the overlay outlines module, when changing channels and image contrast back and forth. I usuallly put the image contrast to “log normalised”, then i remove the blue and the green channels, to investigate the red image. If i then want to go back and change the image contrast, nothing happens, until i change something with the channels, select one more or deselect one channel. I’m using an iMac or a MacBookPro (OS ElCapitan).


I can reproduce this on my PC, and I’ve filed a bug report, but unfortunately I think this isn’t likely to be touched anytime soon with all the work that’s being done to rewrite modules to support 3D taking up our programmers’ attention. In the meantime, if you typically only want to look at the overlay on a single channel, you can use ColorToGray to split your channels out and use OverlayObjects on the red channel image- scaling there should work how you expect it to. Sorry!

Hi Beth!

Thanks for looking into it! Yes, it works to use the ColorToGray to look at one color at the time.
Best, Gabriella