Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Deep / Machine Learning at ORNL



The Imaging, Signals, and Machine Learning group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate with expertise in one or more of the following areas: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision/image processing, signal processing, and data analysis.

The ISML group conducts applied computer vision research and development addressing important issues of industrial and economic competitiveness, biomedical measurement science, and national security. This position will primarily perform research and development in tools and algorithms for medical image analysis to assist biologists in characterizing and understanding important cellular and sub-cellular functions. Current interests include creating algorithms which can process and analyze imagery from a wide range of microscopy sources. To this end, experience implementing and developing object detection and semantic segmentation algorithms, particularly with deep learning (in toolkits such as TensorFlow/PyTorch), is desired.

Preferred qualifications and experience:

  • Ph.D. in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering or closely related field

  • Deep learning and neural networks

  • Image processing and computer vision (tracking, segmentation)

  • Machine learning, multi-dimensional signal processing, and analytics for n-dimensional image understanding

  • Strong publication and programming background (Python, TensorFlow / PyTorch, OpenCV, MATLAB)

The position will have responsibility to work as a part of a team to meet technical milestones, publish work in professional journals and conference proceedings, and collaborate with senior staff to develop new ideas/proposals. Interested applicants please see job posting NB50677571 with details to apply at or contact Derek Rose ( for additional information.