Postdoc position in Systems Microscopy and Cell Migration

A systems microscopy position is available at the department of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden

Description of the research project/area of research
The successful candidate will perform a research project using multiparametric quantitative live cell imaging combined with advanced multivariate statistics and mathematical modeling (systems microscopy) to analyze cell migration. This project is part of an EU financed Network of Excellence on Systems Microscopy, with participants in eight European countries, Coordinated by Staffan Strömblad at Karolinska Institutet.

Qualifications of the applicant
We are searching for a candidate with an extensive experience in cell biology and a strong interest in mathematics. Experience in Live cell confocal imaging is a strong merit, and experience in some of the other areas of project methodology is preferred, including: quantitative data mining from images and movies, cell biology of cell adhesion and migration, advanced multivariate statistics, computational science and mathematical modeling.

This is a multi-disciplinary project involving multiple people and excellent collaborative skills are therefore essential. Further, excellent communication skills in English are required.

In connection with the appointment of the Postdoctoral Research Fellow, we will accord special weight to academic skills, particularly demonstrated excellence in research, a strong dedication and excellent communication skills.

Eligible for the international scholarship program are foreign applicants who obtained a PhD outside Sweden within the last three years.

Selected recent references:
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