Postdoc position in Cambridge UK, biological imaging

As part of my own research group I am planning to hire an image analysis postdoc to work on my ERC Synergy grant with Jochen Wittbrodt, University of Heidelberg on Medaka fish genetics. The job page is here:[]=0&loc[]=2

My research group + Jochen’s group can provide all the biological context needed - we’re most interested in getting someone with image analysis experience - both 2D and 3D valid (we have all sorts of images - from cellular to organismal - and both static and videos). On the flip side the postdoc will get exposure to genetics and genomics, and we’re a very computational group - lots of hardware and disk, lots of good data etc, so it should be really good fun.

EMBL-EBI is part of EMBL and so unaffected by Brexit (we can hire internationally; as EMBL is an international government organisation, the UK government treats our employees similar to embassy workers). In practice it means there is no visa complication and a very international environment.

Please do apply or contact me ( for more details

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