Possible to make annotations in Qupath on a drawing tablet/wacom tablet?

Hello there,
I have a Dell Latitude 7490 and would like to know if it is it possible to use QuPath on a wacom tablet?
I’m thinking that making annotations goes faster on a drawing tablet / wacom tablet. I have tried to ask in IT/appliances store, but they have not been able to answer this.
If it is possible, which wacom model would you recommend? :thinking:
Thanks in advance,

@elisyn I have used QuPath with a Wacom Intuos M with Bluetooth. Although, I would recommend connecting it via USB due to lag over Bluetooth. IIRC, pressure-sensitivity is also possible in QuPath thanks to JPen.

I’ve just noticed you asked a similar question in June:

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Thanks @camlloyd , yes - I tried to use the wacom pen directly on the touchscreen on my Dell laptop, but it did not work, maybe it could work with a digital pen from Dell (?), I don’t know. They don’t have the digital pen from Dell in the store here, but I see they have different models of the wacom tablets, so I got curious if buying a tablet could be the solution. I can of course use my finger on the touchscreen for the annotations, or the mouse, but then the line gets too thick/fat with the brush tool in qupath, I want to be able to make a very thin line with the brush…

I’m not sure how precise drawing on the touchscreen with your finger would be, but in QuPath the size of the brush should change as you zoom in. If that is still not enough, perhaps you could go to Edit > Preferences… and set a smaller default brush size (found in the Drawing tools category).