Possible improvement to FFMPEG plugin


I’m hoping others out there might see value in additional functionality for the FFMPEG plugin for ImageJ. This is a fantastic tool that allows easy loading of almost any video into ImageJ as a stack. However, because of the limited functionality of virtual stacks and the high memory requirements for loading all frames, there are many times when ImageJ runs out of memory. The existing controls are limited to setting the start and end frame numbers, allowing loading of only a portion of the video. Adding an additional increment parameter, so loading every nth frame between start and end, would greatly expand the versatility of loading large videos into ImageJ. Yes, this can be done beforehand with other software, but since that other software also invokes FFMPEG code, it seems both redundant and hopefully not that difficult to incorporate into ImageJ. I understand that streaming compressed video can actually preclude loading of specified frames, so instead, I was wondering if the incremental parameter could be used to simply discard certain frames as they are streamed. This would be slower than ideal, but would still avoid the memory problem of loading and then decimating using stack manipulation commands inside ImageJ.

Unfortunately, my coding skills are not at all up to this task, so I am just putting this out there to see if it has any traction.


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