Positive stain detection

Is there a way we can add different thresholds when applying positive stain detection on the sample (just like when applying positive cell detection?
Thank you.

I think the answer to your direct question is probably ‘no’, but there’s no command precisely called ‘positive stain detection’. Therefore, I’m not entirely sure what you mean or what you want to achieve – there might be other approaches available.

There’s a demand called ‘’ detect positive staining (TMA, IHC)’’, in it we can only choose one threshold for DAB threshold (‘positive’). I question whether we can choose more than one threshold for the same parameter, like in ‘‘positive cell detection’’, we can add 3 intensity threshold parameters.

Ah ok, you didn’t say which version you are using. That command does not exist in the latest version (v0.2.3), since it has been replaced by pixel classification/thresholding – which is much more general and powerful. See for example

However, this is still not intended to give regions binned by staining intensity. The use of intensity values with DAB is very questionable and requires a lot of caution, see e.g.

Despite these caveats. QuPath makes intensity-binning ‘easy’ for cells, since this is an intrinsic part of a couple of extremely common scoring methods in pathology (especially the H-score) – but it doesn’t offer the same simple binning for areas.