"portable" MCR?



I use CellProfiler occasionally and would like some of my colleagues to try it as well. Getting new applications installed on their locked down machines is somewhat of a hassle, though. It would lower the barrier considerably, if CellProfiler could be run from a USB stick or just without installation.

I’m aware, that CellProfiler itself doesn’t require installation, but the Matlab Compiler Runtime certainly does. Is there any way to e.g. put all the MCR files in a subdirectory of the CellProfiler directory and point CP to the required files in that subdirectory via a relative path and thus make the whole thing ‘portable’?



Thus far, we have not attempted to install the MCR on portable media to see if supports CP. My guess is that while it might install successfully, it may not work with CP or be fully portable since it adds the installation path to the environment variables (at least in Windows, I believe).

However, we are in the process of porting CellProfiler to Python, an open-source software language. Once this is completed, the use of MATLAB or any associated proprietary software will be a moot point, and will undoubtedly make the CP package more portable.

Give a try installing the MCR on a USB drive; we’d be interested in knowing if it works!