Pore visualization in 3D view

Could you please suggest me how to visualize pores in 3 dimension from the CT scans of ceramic sample as shown below

I have tried Avizo and ImageJ, but lack of proper guidance in step to step procedure for viewing pores, I could not visualize the pore phase separation in 3D.

Immediate response is highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Can you provide a bit more information? What tools have you used thus far in ImageJ/Fiji? What type of image file are you using? This will help us help you better.

You can check out the Visualization page of the ImageJ wiki to get started - specifically, look at the tools listed in the Volumetric Image Data section of that same page.


Hello Eta, I am using DICOM format. In Fiji I am using both boneJ and 3D viewer plugins to analyze and view the porosity.

You should try the 3D Objects Counter:


Here are some older threads:


Or use the Particle Analyzer of BoneJ:


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