PolygonRoi: Add width information


some of you may know my RidgeDetection plugin.

At the moment, all detected lines are added to the ROI manager. However, the plugin also allows to estimate the width (green line) of the line at every position of PolygonRoi (Red Line):

At the moment, the width information is only accessible over a results table. Is there a better way to provide it?

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It might be useful to add the width-expanded ROI to the manager as well… using a naming convention to associate it with the base line (like you did with junction points).

That way the user can just select the expanded ROI and measure if they want.

…or is that already easy to do…?

I could add a width expanded ROI, but it has a defined width. This is not a good solution because the width of my line changes from line point to line point

Sorry, what I meant was… “turn the points contained by the green line into a ROI”.

Like, for each point in the red line, use the width at that point to generate a set of points, and aggregate all these sets together to manually build a final ROI… does that make sense?

Of course, I don’t know how feasible it would be… :wink:

@twagner This looks like a specialized ROI class that does not exist yet. It reminds me of the way Imaris segment dendrites with their volume (it ‘grows’ a volume from the line that passes in the middle of dendrites).

I recall that Albert Cardona did something like this for TrakEM2, called a pipe: