Point and Shoot as part of the MDA

Hi all,

Is it possible to include point and shoot function in the projector plugin as part of the MDA? The experiment protocol that i am want to achieve is as follows: you take images at a pre-determined capture rate (say 2fps), then when you see the event you’re looking for you P&S on the live window, and then the MDA starts acquiring at say 10fps to gather the post FRAP information.

any guidance would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi @KCheung,

We don’t currently have a way to change the course of an MDA based on events that occur during the acquisition. The closest I can think of would be to write a script that performs the steps: (1) stop the ongoing (2 fps) MDA, (2) fire the laser (or other light source), and (3) start a new MDA with new settings (10 fps). You could assign such a script to a clickable button (using a Quick Access Panel), so that it can be invoked easily during an acquisition.

There will likely be a few hundred ms of delay (which may or may not be consistent) between the firing of the laser and the first post-bleach frame (this depends in part on the laser device and camera model/settings). So it might make sense to fire the laser after starting the higher-frame-rate acquisition.