When using the load single image module with a png image produced by a MATLAB script the image is imported as black whereas a tif version of the same image (also produced by MATLAB) is read correctly. Any idea what this might be? Pipeline and images are attached. Also the pipeline doesn’t seem to work unless its stepped through as a test run. If I try selecting “Analyze Image” I just get a “Pipeline processing finished, no measurements taken” message.

Bead Analysis.cp (2.62 KB)

Re: TIF vs. PNG - I’m not sure about this one. In MATLAB and Photoshop, the images appear to be the same, but in one of my other viewers (IrfanView), they appear different. Your best bet is to stick with one format or the other for a given experiment to insure consistency.

Re: LoadSingleImage - See this post for a discussion of the same issue. Instead of LoadSingleImage, use LoadImages with the full filename specified.


Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for testing out the images, I’ve switched to tif for now but I still find the discrepancy curious.
Also thanks for the link to that thread, have it working now.