Plugin uploaded to update site not seen by users

I am getting reports from several users that one of the plugins on the Vale lab update site (the SpotAnalysis plugin) does not show up when they select the Valalab lab plugin site. The plugin is clearly uploaded on the site:, and it does show up on my own machines (but I may have uploaded the code form those computers). Does anyone have an idea what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks!

Hi @nicost

I would recommend first asking these users to tell you what is shown when they look for the plugin using Image ‘Command Finder’ (the L key). Where is the plugin (in the menu and jars) should be shown there.

This is what I get when selecting the Vale lab update site:

I didn’t know that status existed. Probably @ctrueden or @hinerm can give us a hint on what’s going on.

By they way, @nicost, your JAR files are still marked as “SNAPSHOT”, aren’t they releases?

In the db.xml.gz from your update site:

    <plugin filename="plugins/spotAnalysis_-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar">
        <platform>All (java)</platform>
        <version checksum="cbefa215dffb3da5698bffe8a8ebb211d756d849" timestamp="20151208180432" filesize="43634">
            <description>An ImageJ/Fiji plugin to analyze intensities of single molecule spots in time-lapse series</description>
            <dependency filename="jars/ij.jar" timestamp="20150914165235"/>
            <dependency filename="jars/jfreechart.jar" timestamp="20150312120158"/>
            <dependency filename="jars/jcommon.jar" timestamp="20150312120159"/>
            <author>Nico Stuurman</author>
        <previous-version timestamp="20150915094308" checksum="f7555e9fdea2503ca2f25d56cd83449ce1931fb5" filename="plugins/spotAnalysis_-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"/>
        <previous-version timestamp="20150915105701" checksum="8e26f7eeac38f6e18370100e7825c85eab6b8648" filename="plugins/spotAnalysis_-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"/>
        <previous-version timestamp="20150915201859" checksum="7f4d2585a96d85fd1e990e57ec39835b2a9300b8" filename="plugins/spotAnalysis_-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"/>
        <previous-version timestamp="20151204163601" checksum="1bd8c201d57aa565ffd287e42d90090f0f9953a0" filename="plugins/spotAnalysis_-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"/>

The <platform> tag for spotAnalysis.jar says “All (java)”. Did you manually enter this information? IIRC, some of the upload workflows (Maven, Jenkins) automatically populate this information, but otherwise it’s best to leave it empty.

Can you re-upload that file, with the platform field left empty?

I uploaded the jar from a mavenized project, and do not remember entering that information myself. I uploaded a newer version (0.1, no longer SNAPSHOT), but do not see an option to change the platform field. How do I go about “re-uploading, with the platform field left empty”?

You see more than other users (who do not get to see that file at all). You are right, this has been a SNAPSHOT long enough, just uploaded it as version 0.1. Let me know if that made a difference for you.

Hi @tinevez,

The users do not see the plugin listed in the updater at all (i.e., it simply does not appear when they select my update site).

Hello Nico,

I tried now from a Mac and the Spot Analysis plugin is not visible:

I’ll try again on Monday from the previous machine (with Linux).


I took a quick look in the source, but I don’t really understand what the NEW status is for. From the code though, it seems as though that status means the file will not be installed. Strange.

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@Imagejan: Figured out how to change the entry of the platform field, and indeed, the plugin now is visible to users who previously did not see it. Would it be possible to make that field a drop-down rather than a free text field? Thanks!

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The relevant file is net.imagej.ui.swing.updater.FileDetails. Johannes wrote it, and AFAIK, no one else has any idea how it works without spending lots of time digging in. But feel free to try your hand at it, if you have the time and inclination!

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