Plugin upload to fails

Tried to upload a new version of the Saim plugin. My user name (Nico) and password appear to no longer work (they used to in April). I can also no longer browse to (but that may be because my IP has now been blocked?). How can I upload plugins again?

Edit: The username and password do let me login to There, I even updated the upload password at The Fiji updater still does not let me upload the updated plugin. Any ideas?

Sorry for your troubles, Nico.

In May, we reset all the passwords after rebuilding the web server in response to a possible security breach.

Yes, you got temporarily banned.

Wait a short while, and the ban should lift. Might be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as a few hours. If you still cannot connect anymore, definitely let us know.

I wanted to lift your ban this time manually myself, so you wouldn’t have to wait, but it works via iptables which I find maddeningly unintuitive. (@aneevel: It would be very helpful to have documentation in our internal wiki on how to immediately lift an IP ban, for future such occurrences.)

One reason people have reported this trouble is because their password contains certain special symbols. Try with a longish password containing only alphameric characters, and see if that works. If you are feeling experimental, you could try different symbols to isolate which one(s) cause problems. That would be a nice thing to know, for fixing the issue in the future.

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Thanks Curtis! The problem indeed was related to non-alphanumeric characters in my password (for future reference, I had $, |, and ^ in my password that did not work). Maybe this information could be added to the page (I saw no way to edit that page myself)?

Great idea. I have now done so. If you want to tweak the language, add anything there, etc., feel free to file a PR against that repository. (Ideal would be to figure out how to embed a template there, so that users can just edit the template directly, but I don’t have time right now.)

Edit: Now that I am seriously looking at how the Special:ChangeUploadPassword script works: it is critically insecure. I am disabling it until I can issue a fix.