Plugin that acquire and modify more than one image

Hello everyone,
I just started to use Imagej because I need to create a plugin that acquire any number of images, then apply to all of them the same sequence of modification (e.g. it takes the first image, increase its size by 5%, then increase its brightness by 5% and, if the current image is not the last one, it hop on the next image and repeat the same sequence of modification).
The main problem is that I don’t know and I didn’t find any tutorial to learn how to make the plugin acquire any number of image and so I dont know how to make it hop on the next image either after it finished to modify the current one.
Do you have any suggestion, tutorial or example to help me in this task?
Thanks in advance

No need for a plugin. Just record and alter your commands with the macro language. Than you can perform your operations on a folder of images with a default available ImageJ action, see:

If you really want to cretae a plugin then the macro recorder can also record the Java commands and create a Java plugin skeleton for you.


Thank you very much. You helped me a lot.