Plugin script error


I just downloaded and installed it (so I don’t know what I am doing yet), but I am getting a script error that the plugin directory doesn’t point to a valid folder. How do I fix this so that I can get started?



Hmm, that is odd for a new installation. If the program doesn’t crash, try going to File > Preferences… (On Mac, it is under the CellProfiler menu) and check the CellProfiler plugins directory. Change it to a real path if not (empty is fine). Do the same for ImageJ plugins. Hit OK, quit, and restart CellProfiler.

If it does crash, remove any config files. Try the instructions here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3674&p=10486&hilit=cfg&sid=98559ae6f1b37a3f530a7b5d42e6a588#p10486

What version of CellProfiler are you trying to install? 2.1.1? We just released this on Friday and I wondered if it was somehow corrupted on your machine.


The plugin folder can be set the Preferences settings; see File > Preferences… in the main toolbar for this item. However, this item does not need to be set for CellProfiler to work properly.

Also, what version of CellProfiler are you using: 2.1.0 or 2.1.1? (You can look at the title bar of the interface for this information) If you are using 2.1.1, it should create the plugin folder for you, which 2.1.0 did not do.

I am using 2.1.1–I never used a prior version. It still won’t work on my lab computer (PC) but it is working on my personal laptop (mac). Another person I know said he was having similar errors on a PC with the new version…

Hi avaishnavi,

Sorry about this - it’s disturbing to us! Does CP crash totally on Windows? Or can you get to the File>Preferences… menu?


Hey sorry I missed that message! I uninstalled and reinstalled it and I still have the script error box, but it looks use-able (so it’s better). It doesn’t completely crash, I can get to preferences. I can send you a picture of the script error box if that would help–


Sure, please upload whatever output you can.