Plugin Read and Writer Excel

Hey Community,

I have a problem with the above plugin. I have a result table with some measurements and if I click on the plugin, nothing happens. No loading bar or similar appears, nothing happens at all. Do I still have to adjust something, maybe also in Excel? I watched the tutorial videos and it looked so easy and intuitive. I hope someone can help me. :slight_smile:

Hi Vanessa,
I’m the co-author of the plugin. As far as I am aware, the plugin is currently working as intended.
Could you confirm the following?:

  • You installed the plugin from the ‘ResultsToExcel’ update site
    and not from Unfortunately, Brendan hasn’t accepted my pull request to update his repo with the most recent version.
  • The results table is the default ImageJ table, named ‘Results’. Also, this should be open when the plugin is called.
  • There isn’t an .xlsx file being created on your desktop that you didn’t notice.

Very happy to help out more if the above doesn’t fix your issue.

Kind regards.