Plugin organization and pom.xml dependencies

I have two plugins that I’ve been maintaining and have made available through Fiji on my update site. JFilament and a Deforming Mesh plugin.

JFilament had a 3D component, that I haven’t really kept up on, so I am considering removing that and moving all of the relevant 3D code to the Deforming Mesh 3D plugin.

  • JFilament is being built by Jenkins, can I just change the pom.xml file in the master branch to remove the 3D code and it should work?
  • I include JFilament on my update site, is there another way to use it with fiji?
  • The DeformingMesh plugin currently depends on the JFilament3D code, if I update the pom.xml and and build DeformingMesh into it’s own jar, my update site will still have both jars. (JFilament and DeformingMesh). Do I need to create new update site(s)?
  • Is there any benefit to separating out the two plugins? I figured since the 2D JFilament works with just imagej + jama it would be helpful to remove the 3D requirements.

Thanks for any help.