Plugin Icy + maven: icon?

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once a plugin is ready to be “compiled” by Maven, the Jar has to be added to the plugins from a given author on the Icy website, right? What about the icons and images associated to the plugin and used by Icy - do they have to be included into the maven project? Or should they only be uploaded on the Icy webserver?
What are the size and format requirements for these images? Actually, it seems that the website accept jpg format files, while the installer needs png files.

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Hi Frederic,

Indeed, you need to upload the associated images and icons to the Icy webserver.
Optionally, you can include them in src/main/resources but the software will use those uploaded in the website.

We use PNG files for Icy only. The size of the icon is 64x64 pixels and for the tooltip image, the size is 256x256 pixels.

– Amandine

Dear Frederic,

To complete Amandine’s answer, documentation relative to the icons of a plugin (Icon, Tooltip, Miniscreen and Splashscreen) is in our blog post entitled “How to publish a plugin”.

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Thank you Marion. I was first trying to upload jpg files according to the suggestions in the web page you cite. However, the website would not accept 64x64 files. Only larger. The error message is/was:

“Image dimensions are too small. Minimum width is 150px. Uploaded image width is 64 px”

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Thank you for your feedbacks! Indeed, Wordpress has it own limitations in terms of format and image size, which are more stringent than Icy software. I’ll amend the webpage.