Plugin for video zooming

Is anyone know the plugin name in FIJI to achieve continuous movie with an area magnified.
I find there is a Zoomify plugin introduction on However, I can’t find the URL to download it.

Did any one know how to download this plugin or the plugin have same functions?

Thanks a lot!


That is annoying that the page doesn’t tell you where to get it. I tried doing an internet search and found a forum thread from 2005 that mentioned it is part of a particular distribution from a particular institution. However, I took a look through the update sites listed in Fiji and found something that might possibly do what you want. Run the updater (Help > Update...). Before clicking Apply changes, click Manage update sites. This should open another window. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and check the box next to Zoom-in-movie. Close the window by clicking Close and then click Apply changes. Then restart Fiji.

Thank you so much!
It’s exactly what I want!