Plugin for denoising. Noise2void extremely slow

I am trying to denies some images. I tried the Noise2void plugin ( I do not know python to use the other packages). However took all day for training and I had to stop it.

Is there any plugin to denoise image faster and easier than Noise2void?


Puredenoise plugin show error.

I tried to use N2V, downloading TensorFlow but it does not work in my mac. I got this error


Hi @Pablo_M

In case this is of interest, you can train N2V model using Google Colab very quickly.
For instance check our ZeroCostDL4mic notebook here: Home · HenriquesLab/ZeroCostDL4Mic Wiki · GitHub
Denoising can be done in the same notebook or you can also download the model and use it in Fiji.



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Thank you very much. I just started to read the page of Zerocost.
I will post my results here.

Thanks again