Plugin for analyzing the surface area

Hello, I need help. I want to upload a picture of cells on a coverslip on image-J in order to find out much surface area the cells are covering (along with knowing how much surface areas they are not ocvering) in order to track to growth of the cells that are being treated. Is there a pluggin on fiji that analyzes the amount of space that the cells take up and know how many free/empty spaces are present? Thank you!

Hello there,
I would first try to see if you can threshold/segment your images to differentiate between the cells and the background. Once you can achieve this, the rest can be easily done with Fiji. But first i would try to use the ‘Threshold tool’ in Fiji and/or the trainable weka segmentation plugin to segment your cells from the background. You can find more info about this plugin and how to use it here - or here -
Good luck!