PlugIn Color Pixel Counter: Sum of %Color exceeds 100%



Hello everyone,
My goal is to count the amount of the different colors of an image. However the total sum of the colors is not 100%.
Here is what I did:
After I chose Color Pixel Counter I select display particle size with 0.2100 pixels per particle and the minimum intensity value (1-255) of 230. Also select the display color percentage. I did this for all six colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Cyan, Magenta.

The result:8GAyftZ5RkyoddKzzSLJMQ_thumb_6049

Do you have any ideas? Maybe regarding the way the image is being imported or anything?
Thanks for help in advance!




So, I’ve never used the Color Pixel Counter plugin myself…

but I’m assuming because you set a minimum intensity - ie, you are only using a subset of your total pixels as a result - is why you are not getting things adding up to 100% (% Color total is 90.869%). If you don’t set that minimum - you should be counting everything and get 100%.

I could be totally off here. So - perhaps you can upload your image so we can test ourselves using your same settings, etc.?