Plotting Trackmate tracks onto a graph

Hi all,

I’m using Trackmate for single particle tracking, and would like to plot the tracks onto a graph - like the ones you might see in cell migration papers e.g.

Does anyone have any experience of this and could suggest any software that would allow this using data generated from Trackmate?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @amadeus

I’ve done similar things from wound healing assays. See below from my slightly out of date website.

I did these in MATLAB. The trick is to take the output from Trackmate (the spots stats) then for each track “normalise” the X and Y position such that the first frame of each track has the coordinates (0,0). You can do this by subtracting the X and Y position of the first point from each subsequent point in the track.

Hope that helps get you started. Do you have a language / platform of preference?