Plotting cell division/expansion over distance

Dear all,

I’m trying to make figures like the one in Fig. 1K-1N of the Kierzkowski et al. paper (A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity; Cell 177, 1405–1418, May 30, 2019), in which they plotted the number of cell division and area expansion over distance:

I have two questions specifically:

  1. I figured out a way to make area expansion over distance, but I think it’s not the easiest way. I generated two different csv files: one from Heat Map → Location → Cell Distance → save to CSV from attributes; one from Heat Map Classic Change Map, which gives me a file with the grow parameters of each cell between two different time points. I then merge these two files in R by their “Label”, and generate the figure of growth by distance in R. Is there a way to export these two files as one so I don’t have to do the merging in R?

  2. I couldn’t figure out how to make figures like Fig. 1M, 1N at all because I didn’t find any way to export files related to the number and the location of cell divisions.

Sorry for a large number of questions lately - thank you very much for your help!!!


Hi Minya,

  1. You can use the regular heat map process instead, and then the attribute for growth will appear in the list. We should fix that.
  2. Same problem with this one. The easiest way to fix it would be to use the “Mesh/Heat Map/Operators/Export Heat Map to Attr Map”, and give it name like “Proliferation” then it will show up in the Attributes export. You could also do this for heat map classic. We should fix this one too.

These processes were written before we had attributes, so they don’t fill them in.


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This super useful!!! Thank you so much!!