Plot profile x-axis problem


I’m trying to use the plot profile to measure the intensity in a image. I’ve set the scale according to the scale bar, chosen the ROI using the rectangle tool. The list from the plot profile is like this:

Can I change the x axis to a continuous one like 0,1,2,3…um instead of 0, 3.285, 6.571, 9.856…um in the image?


Hi @Yujia,
you can remove the scale from the image before creating the profile plot (Analyze>Set Scale…). However plots created from images with different scales will not be comparable anymore.
Best regards,

Hi @volker ,
Thank you for your reply! Actually I found a way to have it scaled and get the continuous distance value at the same time. After Analyze>Set Scale, use Image>Scale…to set the width and height in pixels the same with the set scale.
This is after Analyze>Set Scale…
And this is after Image>Scale…
Then the plot profile will show continuous numbers. But I don’t know if this will change anything, the results will be comparable or not.

Thanks again!