Plot Profile (Live) not updated when underlying pixels change



Hi everyone,

it seems that Analyze > Plot Profile (when live mode is enabled) is not updated when the underlying pixels change:

  1. Open Blobs sample
  2. Make a line selection
  3. Analyze > Plot Profile
  4. Enable Live
  5. Process > Binary > Make Binary

I would expect this to update the line profile similar to the behavior of Analyze > Histogram in Live mode (which picks up on the pixel changes). Is this a bug or a feature?



When I run Make Binary my selection disappears.
But if I do Edit > Selection > Restore Selection the existing plot is updated.

Does your selection stay active when you make the image binary?

At random I tried another pixel-changing operation (Process > Binary > Erode). In that case the selection persisted and the plot was updated.


A was certain that it stays active until you asked: no, it doesn’t stay active.

You are perfectly right, drawing right under the selection updates the plot as well: false alarm! Thanks, @tswayne!