Plot Profile feature for curved lines in TEM images

Hello I have multiple images of the nature as shown in the image all in different orientations (the png shows an example). But I have some TEM images and I want to look at profile plots (I am using fiji currently) that will tell me the intensity values at these peaks where the curved membranes are. How can I do this in FIJI or other software? The ROI feature of FIJI using a rectangle gives a plot along a straight line. How can I then interpret values for these curved membrane? Also, how can I combine multiple images where these membranes are in all different orientations.



ok. Perhaps I don’t understand exactly what you are asking here… but from what I know… whether or not a line is straight or jagged or curved… Plot Profile will plot the profile along those selected pixels.

So what exactly are you looking to do? Just tell us step-wise, clearly and concisely.

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