Please help me Install CellProfiler

Hi, I cant install cell profiler; I need to use it in python but can’ t.
this is what I get:

please help, very best,

Try these:*Source-installation-(OS-X)

hi David,

I also have a problem installing CP on linux. I want to install the Nighty 2.4.0 but when I click on it, no file is downloaded. However, it for windows and Mac, a file actually gets downloaded. Dunno what is wrong.

I’m writing up my research and cited CP but my boss wants a more detailed explanation of the way the algorithms of the modules and pipelines I used works. I had a look at their source codes and they looked daunting. I’m considering simply using the documentation of the modules and extrapolating on that, what do you suggest?

Nice work on the new release of CP!!! I see CP becoming a household name.

Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.