Please help design a future version of the Micro-Manager Core

We (Nick Anthony, Nenad Amodaj, Henry Pinkard, and myself) have been thinking how to update the software design of the Micro-Manager Core, the piece of code that abstracts the hardware and enables writing code that works with any microscope. This Core can be used outside of the Micro-Manager application (as some of you do), was designed in 2005, and updating its design to make it more useful to all of you would be extremely beneficial, especially given the large number of Micro-Manager device adapters for microscope related devices.

To start the discussion, we wrote a document describing the current Core, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. Find it here.

We took this as a starting point to sketch out what a new Core could look like, preserving as much as possible the already available device adapter code, but providing better microscope hardware coding facilities to all of you. These thoughts are laid out in the github repository futurMMCore.

We hope that you will have a look and provide feedback in the futureMMCore repository. Feel free to open issues, or even propose improvements through pull requests. Responses here are also welcome, please do not feel inhibited in any way, (almost) all input is valuable.

We very much see this as a draft that will crystallize with your input, and hope to use this as a basis to secure funding to make these ideas reality. Thanks in advance for your effort!


Thanks for posting this. I will hopefully work through the information on github in the near future.

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