Plate Tile Image with more than 1 field per well

Dear all,

I have a plate with 12 wells that correspond to 4 treatment conditions in triplicate (3 wells). Each well has 4 sites acquired (in the center of the well). I managed to obtain a Tile image with 12 columns and 4 rows (one well per row), but I would like to tile the sites in a well first (in a 2x2 image that reflect the whole central area), them tile these images sequentially (12x1). Any idea ?

Thank you all in advance!

Best regards,

Rodrigo. :wink:

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for using CellProfiler! I can’t help this, but have you tried the, um, “Tile” module? :smiley: It places images from either the same cycle (the “Within cycles” option) adjacent, or the same image “Across cycles” adjacent to one another as the pipeline chugs alongs.

If it doesn’t help, and you write back, please make sure you define Tile carefully. Sometimes “tile” can mean “the act of breaking up an image into tiles”, while at other times tile might be intended as “the act of placing images adjacent to one another”.