plasma/UV laser treatment for textile

Hello. I am working on textile (cotton and polyester) and studying the effect of plasma/UV laser treatment on both fabrics.

I am using dye techniques to study the possibility of carboxylic groups formed on the surface after the plasma treatment.

The colour of dyed samples after drying and scanning (using normal scanner) is transferred to Image J software to be analysed and compare the difference in colour shade from one sample to other sample as a function of time. However, I can not under stand how Image J is working, is it measuring the colour concentration or the light reflection? and what units can be used for this?
Thank you


Two things that will help us help you better:

  1. Can you share with us an original image file so we can see your data? You can upload it directly into this thread or share via a link to a file-sharing site (such as Dropbox).

  2. What exact functions/tools/plugins have you used in ImageJ thus far? That will help us better explain how things are working, etc…

Color analysis can be tricky… there are enough experts (not me I’m afraid) here to help get you started once you provide a few more details. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.
I have attached the image I need to compare below. I have not used any plugins. I only calculated area and mean using image J.
analysis tool

scan_mwa1res_2019-08-22-11-27-41.pdf (600.3 KB)


Are all your original files saved as PDFs??

Explain to us exactly what you wish to measure… You mention that you want area and mean - mean what? Be as clear and concise as you can…

Again - I am not the best person when it comes to color image analysis… perhaps someone with more expertise will chime in once you provide a little more information on what you need/want to measure in your images.

Hello Ellen,
yes my images are saved as a PDF files. I take screen shoot for the pictures to be able to open it in imagej software.
Basically what I am doing is treating cotton fabric or polyester fabric with plasma, to study what these chemical changes we are using the dye technique by methanol blue dye to indicate the change in colour shade after drying.
through image j I follow these steps but I am not sure if what I am doing is correct or not.
I open the image in image j software then Analyze I highlight the area I am interested in then press measure the software will show me a new page with table shows the area , mean min and max.


You definitely DO NOT want to be doign this. I would advise against saving as a PDF to begin with… You want to be working with the raw dataset - not a screenshot. Is there another file type you can use? TIFF would be ideal.

What you want to start looking into in this case is color image analysis techniques. I am not an expert in this area… but if you search here on the forum, you can find out a lot of information.

But step one - address again how you are saving your datasets.

I have tried to save it as TIFF but it did not work maybe because I scanned the image and send it to my email. it is only saved by pdf.

Ok. Then perhaps using this tool to ‘Extract Images from PDF’ is the best place to start…