Placement of OMERO.insight login window


On some of our dual monitor setups the (non-moveable) login screen sits right in the middle which obscures the login screen.

Is there a place in a config or setting file to control the placement of the the login screen? I had a look in the container.xml file but nothing jumped out at me.



Hi Chris

The login screen is displayed in the centre of the screen.
The situation with dual monitors is not great as you pointed it out. We did not review that use case.
In the current version you cannot adjust its default location in the configuration. We could look at modifying that.
Thanks for your feedback



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Hi @evenhuis,

from your screenshot I believe you are using Linux - with most window managers there, the default setting allows you to click with your mouse anywhere in a window while holding down the Alt key on your keyboard to move around the window.

Not a solution to the issue, but maybe a feasible workaround. Doesn’t work on Windows unfortunately.