Pixel size callibration error on MM2

We use an Asi XYStage and we have no problem on pixel size calibration (automatic mode) on MM1.4 but on MM2 we have a factor 100 between XScale and YScale. The XScale seems to be the good value and YScale is completely wrong (the rotation and shear values are correct)

Do you have any clue on how to solve this issue? (Is it the stage or the calculation)


Can you create a Trouble Report (Help > Report a Problem)? That will give me things like the version number of Micro-Manager, and other information that I otherwise would have to ask you for. It would be great if you can include the pixel calibration in the problem report.

Thanks for the reply I will try to do a Trouble Report next week and post it here.

I went into the lab and tested the current code. There is indeed a bug that leads to errant affine transform numbers (the fields in the affine transform are scrambled). This bug was introduced Oct4, so if you are using a build of Oct 4, 2020 or later, I have a pretty good idea what is going on, and will try to fix it (where the problem is testing, since access to hardware is a bit limited these days).

Found the bug and fixed it (or so I think;). When you have a chance, can you download build 20201107 or later, and check that the calibration results in the correct values?

Hi Nico,

Thanks for the quick fixing :), I will test your new build as soon as I have access to our microscope and tells you if the bug is fixed.

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Test with the last build 20201109 and the bug is fixed, the auto-calibration worked perfectly ! Thanks :clap:

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