Pixel dimensions lost in 8-bit montage but not in RGB montage

Dear all,
montages made from 8-bit stacks lose the pixel dimesions, while monatages made from stacked RGBs don´t (even scaling is taken into account). The maco below demonstates this. Is there a reason why the pixel dimensions are lost in the first case?

run("Confocal Series (2.2MB)");
run("Make Montage...", "columns=5 rows=5 scale=0.25");
rename("Montage-1__unscaled"); //image 500 x 500 pixles. Pixel dimensions are lost
run("RGB Color", "slices");
run("Make Montage...", "columns=5 rows=5 scale=0.25");
rename("Montage-2__scaled"); //image is 108.91 x 108.91 µm 

The reason for this is that hyperstacks are handled differently than simple (RGB or 8-bit) stacks: while the calibration is correctly transferred in each separate channel…

… it’s getting lost when re-merging the channels of the resulting hyperstack:

We’ll have to ask @Wayne to fix this in the ImageJ1 source.

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This bug is fixed in the latest ImageJ daily build (1.50f4).


Excellent! Thank you Wayne.