Pixel classification mesurent data export


I have been trying to export data from the measurement results I obtain after creating my pixel classifier. The data appears on the left, when clicking on the annotation tab, however when I go to > Measure > Show detection measurements, I do not get any of the data there. I am trying to export the data to get an excel file however I get no data exported.

This is an image of the result I get:

Would I need to save the data on the left column another way or view the data in another place?

Thanks in advance.

Detections are generally smaller fixed objects like cells or tiles. Annotations are larger but generally malleable objects. If you do not have any annotations, the measurements are applied to the entire Image. Try the Measurement menu, Export measurements, and select Image as the source.

That also allows you to export the entire project’s worth of image results into a single CSV file.

The rule of thumb would not apply here if you only have a single image, there is no easy way (that I know of) to export the whole image results without a script or the Measurement exporter.

Thankyou for your response.

I am using the pixel classifier for the entire image and I was initially using “show detection measurements” to see the data. However, the data likewise doesn’t appear in the “annotation measurements” (even if the measurements are applied to the entire image). I have done as you said to export the measurements and I did so for two selected images, but still I get no results in the exported file. I simply get the blank as follows when using either .tsv and .csv:

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 10.30.39 PM

Correct, you would need annotations or detections for there to be any annotation or detection measurements.

One last thing to note about the export, it is based on the saved data for the image. If you have not saved your data, the measurement export for a single image will show up as blank.

Just to confirm, you have:

  1. Created a pixel classifier
  2. Used the Measure function within the pixel classifier or run a script to perform the Measure function
  3. Saved your image
  4. Measure - > Export measurements and added files with saved data to the Selected column

At this point the Populate button should show any measurement results from a pixel classifier that was run and saved in the images selected.