Pixel by Pixel output

Hi Everyone,
Is there a way that you can set each pixel in an image as an object so you can end up with an export of the data on a pixel by pixel basis?

Sean Burke
DeNovo Software

Hi Sean,

This could be done by using DefineGrid to create a grid with the same dimensions as the image, with a 1-pixel spacing for each element. The settings in DefineGrid would be:

  • The dimensions MxN of the image in “Number of rows” and “Number of columns.”
  • “Manual” as the method to define the grid
  • “Coordinates” as the method to define the grid manually.
  • Coordinates of the 1st cell as X:1,Y:1, and row:col as 1:1.
  • Coordinates of the 2nd cell as X:M,Y:N, and row:col as M:N

Then, use IdentifyObjectsInGrid to identify each grid element as an object using “Rectangle forced location” as the object shape. The resultant objects can be used as input into a measurement module and exported as per-object data using ExportToSpreadsheet.


Hi Mark,
Thanks. I’ll give that a try.