Pipeline to measure area of a cell and intensity of the cell for proteolysis


I was wondering if it is possible to build a pipeline to measure area of a cell and then the intensity of fluorescence around the cells.

absolutely! You’d use Identify Primary Objects to find the cells, then Identify Secondary to expand outwards from the cell borders by whatever distance is of interest to you, then Identify Tertiary to subtract the cell regions from the expanded cell regions, which leaves you with the ring area of interest. Then use Measure Object Intensity.

Thank you so much for your reply. Actually I want to measure the area of the re and the intensity of the green. Not the intensity of the red. How would I do that?

You would measure the area of the Primary Objects and the intensity of the Tertiary objects.

See http://cellprofiler-manual.s3.amazonaws.com/CellProfiler-3.0.0/modules/measurement.html#measureobjectsizeshape



I have a feeling some tutorials might help:

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