Pipeline for MRC5 cells

Hi there,

Has anyone on the forum used MRC5 cell lines? If so do they know of any pipelines available or can provide advice on the development of one. I am very new to this field and cell painting software in general. Initial use is for general analysis of the MRC5 cells as a healthy control and then then later to compare with cancer cell lines (specificity of which has not been confirmed yet).


MRC5 's are pretty standard looking cells; you’re going to have more luck finding something that works for you if you search the forum or just check out the tutorials or the examples for information about what exactly you’re measuring in your MRC5’s (DNA content? Number of mitochondria? Actin filaments?). Pipelines that measure the features you care about in other mammalian cells will probably work in yours.
Good luck!

Thanks bcimini. Will try another cell line pipeline.