Pipeline for counting cells with only membrane staining in CellProfiler?

Hi All!
I have just started learning how to use the cell profiler for image analysis. The pipelines that I have looked at so far use images with the cytoplasm of the cell labeled in order to quantify cell#.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a pipeline in cell profiler that quantifies cell# based on a staining of only the cell membrane?

Any input us much appreciated!


Here is an old post for identifying ring-shaped objects although these are smaller and more regular than typical membrane staining so it may not be applicable:

Does that help?

It’s been on our list for years to make a post on identifying ring-shaped objects but alas we haven’t gotten to it!

If you have a nucleus (or other internal structure of the cell) labeled, it can help a LOT. In fact, often it’s a nice trick to subtract (using ImageMath) a membrane stain from a nucleus stain in order to enhance the divisions between adjacent nuclei.

Hi @nailya,
Welcome. There couple of more old threads which disccuss about the membrance segmentation,

Little more nearer example would be tissue example
I have done a segmentation of Ring structures though they are not cells. Just to get an idea those are the red ring coloured structure in the image in this thread. If these info are not helping much, then probably sharing your image or the tried pipeline would facilitate to help you better.

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