Pinning etiquette?



With the newly merged forum supporting so many software platforms, I am wondering what the pinning etiquette will be. Are there a maximum number of pinned topics? Is there a lifetime for each pinned topic? Will there be a queue of topics to be pinned? Does this change per forum category?

Presumably there might be some existing features in Discourse about pinning. Just curious what the settings will be for the new united forum.



FYI, there’s a user preference you can use to stop seeing them as pinned topics once you’ve read them.


Hi Kyle,

Posts can definitely be pinned per category, and can also be pinned for a set time period (or indefinitely for a post pinned only in one category).

I removed the “Global” pin in the CP 3.1 release, which was carried over from the previous CP-only forum; it would have expired next week anyway. I don’t believe we have a policy yet as to how we’ll handle the issues you address- one will probably evolve as needed and as the number of contributing groups grows. My personal hope is that “etiquette” will suffice and it doesn’t need to become a formal policy, but I suppose we may need to see.