Pigmentation scoring tool

Dear Qupath users,

I would really appreciate some guidance from you since I am a new user of QuPath.
I intend to use QuPath to score the pigmentation degree of a tumor. All my slides are Hematoxylin-eosin stained. The pigmentation appears in brown small dots inside/ouside the cells or like a diffuse mass, ranging in intensity from light to dark brown. I need to use the current tools to quantify this color somehow, so that it can appreciate the degree of pigmentation.
It wold be ideal if the pigmentation score is expressed a percentage value for instance.

Thank you in advance!

If you are imaging DAB, you really shouldn’t be looking for a percentage based on how dark it is, as neither pixel intensity nor optical density are truly linear scales in a brightfield image. I think it is generally better to create thresholds and look at area within a given threshold when quantifying DAB. There are many other forum posts on this topic if you look around.

Otherwise, I suspect anyone would need more information about the project, supporting images, etc, to give any more specifics as far as project design.